Urology System helps clinicians and nurses in the Urology department to record information for different procedures (e.g. cystoscopy, ESWL and TRUS). It enables doctors and nurses to work simultaneously to improve efficiency and patient care.


  • Live Video and Image Capture
  • Body Charting Linked with Data Entry
  • Urology Diagram and Image Annotation
  • Power Query Search Feature


Operating Theatre Nurse System is an extension of Operating Theatre Scheduling System. It is a customizable mobile tablet system which enables healthcare service providers to fill up digital nursing forms while attending to patients at the same time.

System also comes with real-time patient’s location and bed resources tracking features for ease of monitoring patient’s journey from admission to discharge.


  • Bed availability dashboard
  • Patient-bed allocation board
  • Clinical documentation from pre-op to post-op
  • Intuitive patient‘s status display
  • Live image/video taking capability
  • Smart alert on nursing workflow lapse

OT Scheduling

Operating Theatre Scheduling System is a web based system equipped calendar view with visually distinctive indicators to facilitate comprehensive operating room management. It optimizes every operating room surgical schedule from human power to equipment and devices.

OTS is also inter-linked with Operating Theatre Reporting System to update real time surgical progress.


  • Facilitate Elective Case and Emergency Case
  • Free Booking Slot Search Feature
  • Auto Suggest Surgery Time based on Individuals
  • Personalized Preference List
  • Operating Room Utilization Reports
  • Surgeon Group
  • OT Room Blocking and Reservation

OT Reporting

Operating Theatre Reporting System assists work of an operating theatre personnel ranging from anaesthetist, nurse to surgeon to capture thorough surgical case notes. It is equipped with detailed data input layout designed by ground users.

System facilitate the hospital staff to optimize resources (e.g. operating theatre allocation, operating team and personnel allocation) utilization, reduce workload in OT related work planning process, retrieve and review any operating case note.


  • Live Dashboard of Operating Theatre Progress
  • Personal and Departmental Template
  • Automatic Billing Interface
  • Patient Vital Sign Monitor Interface and Auto AU Charting
  • SMS to Patients and Families Members
  • Record Pre and Post Op Call
  • Senior Consultant Case Note Vetting
  • Live Video and Image Capturing
  • Scanner and Signature Pad Device Integration
  • Power Query Search Feature